This 7 passenger Model 45 is equipped with a Vee block, eight cylinder, cast iron block engine that displaces 246 cubic inches and develops 58 Hp. It has a manual 3/1 transmission, is pedal operated, with floating rear axle and service brakes on 2 wheels. The wheelbase is 120 inches and had artillery wheels with 12 spokes and a natural wood finish. The Oldsmobile’s original cost was $1185. It weighs 3066 pounds. 

Production doubled to 22,613 in 1917 with the introduction of the Light Eight Series, Model 45 - Eight. Although a few Model 44's were built in 1917, the majority of cars were Model 45's. This model, coupled with the "Sixth Series", Model 37, six cylinders gave Oldsmobile its strongest lineup in years. Sales doubled. Model 45 touring cars came in 5 and 7 passenger models.

Following Oldsmobile's acquisition by General Motors in 1908, the company worked hard at developing its reputation as a maker of quality cars. Oldsmobile developed several innovative models and experimented with models of the luxury class. However, by 1913, the company changed course toward becoming a maker of quality, medium priced autos. Innovation and quality led to growing sales and by 1916, Oldsmobile had introduced an attractively priced V-8. This car was to prove a hit and led to a production of 10,507 cars.

1917 Oldsmobile Model 45, V-8 Touring