Durant realized his dream when he regained control of GM on September 16th, 1915. Chevy joined GM in 1918 and Durant, ever the loose cannon of the car business, went wild at the helm of GM. His business acquisitions led to the loss of the corporation again in 1920.

‚ÄčThis 1919 Chevy Series 490 roadster was actually a 1918 made in the Tarrytown plant and sold as a 1919. It was one of the first cars Chevy made under the GM banner. It came with a 4 cylinder, overhead-valve, inline, cast-iron block, displacing 171 cubic inches and generating 26 Hp at 1800 rpm. Its price was $715.
Chevrolet was a car built for a purpose. It was a car William C. Durant intended to use to regain control of the General Motors Corporation that he had founded in 1908 and lost to bankers in 1910.

‚ÄčGathering together Louis Chevrolet from Durant's famous racing team and several noted car makers, Durant wanted Chevy to be a "light car of the French type" that he could sell at competitive/popular prices. The car that Chevrolet came up with was not even close and the launch of Chevy vehicles in 1912 was not what Durant had envisioned.

1919 Chevrolet Series 490 Roadster