By 1919, Dodge stood 3rd in total car sales and was producing cars, commercial vehicles and trucks for the military. This 1919 Dodge Brothers Model 30 - Four, roadster car sat on an enlarged, 114 inch wheelbase and was equipped with a 4 cylinder, inline, "L-head", cast iron, engine that produced 35 Hp at 2000 rpm. Total series production of Model 30s was $106,000. It cost the consumer $1085. 
John and Horace Dodge began their start in the automotive industry by supplying engines and transmissions to R.E. Olds. Later, they sold engines, transmissions, and axles to Henry Ford for his automobiles. By 1913, Ford moved away from purchasing these items from the Dodges and began to produce these components for himself. This was all part of Ford’s attempt to control the production of all components of his automobiles.
The Dodge brothers did not like Ford’s tactics and, as John Dodge put it, "being carried around in Henry Ford's vest pocket" was getting old. Taking an aggressive stance, they adapted to this change and the loss of business by introducing their own vehicles and going into direct competition with Ford in the auto market.

1919 Dodge Bros. Model 30 Roadster