Chevrolet produced 1,238,605 vehicles in 1929. Of those orders, 45,956 were placed for the Cabriolet. This 1929 Cabriolet was produced at the Oakland, California plant and was offered in 10 model styles. Each plant only produced one body style. At a weight of 2,440 lbs, the Cabriolet had an original cost of $695. The rumble seat gained popularity with this model and is credited for much of the sales success. 

The Chevy 6, engine #747852, found in this Cabriolet, is an example of the engine that led to Henry Ford’s famous quote, “If it’s cylinders they want, then we’ll give them cylinders.” This statement was the beginning of Ford's program that produced the Ford V-8 in 1932.

The new 194 cubic inch engine ran 46 horsepower at 2600 RPM.  The price did not increase greatly from the older 4-cylinder due to the use of cast iron pistons and a non-pressurized lubrication system.  The new breed of engine created a stir for Ford due to fewer cooling and oil consumption problems in Chevy's Model 6AC compared to Ford's Model A.  
The 1929 production year was Chevrolet’s response to Ford's introduction of the Model A.  It was in 1929 that Chevy introduced its Model AC - Six with a new 6-cylinder engine with the advertisement, “A Six for the Price of a Four.” The new engine was so successful that five million were produced in 18 months due to their demand. 

1929 Chevrolet Model 6AC Cabriolet