This Marmon "second series" Series 16 Limo #16 419-517 is equipped with the 490 cubic inch, V16 engine that developed 62.5 Hp and sits on a whopping 143 inch wheelbase. The factory price for a 1931 Marmon limo was $5500.

Created by engineer Howard C. Marmon, the 1931 Marmon is powered by a cast iron 490 cubic inch, 200 Hp, V16 engine with a 3.13 inch bore and 4 inch stroke.  Marmon boasted that the 8 to 10 mile per gallon V16 could go from 5 to 60 mph in 20 seconds and 0-100 mph in 54 sec. The V16 originally had a $5,000 price tag.   
Marmon was an automobile brand name manufactured by the Nordyke & Marmon Company of Indianapolis, Indiana, from 1902 through 1933. The company is noted for having introduced the rear-view mirror as well as pioneering both the V16 engine and the use of aluminum in auto manufacturing. The Marmon is also known for the winning the first Indianapolis 500 race in 1911 with Ray Harroun as the driver of the "Wasp".

1931 Marmon Series 16 Limo