Semi-elliptical springs suspended the front and the rear as a change from its predecessor.  An additional package added in 1932 was a set of 4-wheel servo-assisted brakes. 1,402 Phantom II's were produced from 1929 to 1936. 278, lighter, Continental Phantom II's were also produced. Of the few rare Continental Phantoms, 125 were left-hand driven.
The Phantom II shared the 7.7 Liter, 467 cubic inch overhead, pushrod, straight-6 engine from its predecessor, thus being the last large six-cylinder Rolls. The engine was unitary with a 4-speed manual transmission. Synchromesh was added on gears 3 and 4 in 1932 and to the second gear in 1935.
The Phantom was Rolls-Royce's successor to the original Silver Ghost. The Phantom II replaced the Phantom I in Rolls-Royce's offerings in 1929. Some of these Phantoms were manufactured in Springfield, MA as the American Rolls-Royce.

1931 Rolls Royce Phantom II