This 2/4 passenger Model 2*BA Sport Roadster, engine #3319949, was made at the Tarrytown plant (*2) and sits on a 109 inch wheelbase. It's equipped with an overhead valve, inline, 194 cubic inch, 6-cylinder engine with 3 5/16 inch bore and 3 ¾ inch stroke that produced 60 Hp. It was available for $485. 

Introduced December 5, 1931, the Confederate Series BA was divided into the Standard and Deluxe sub-series. Nine models were available in the Deluxe line while 12 were available in the Standard form. The engine now sported a downdraft carburetor and it was attached to Chevrolet’s new silent synchromesh transmission.

1932 Chevrolet Confederate

Chevrolet Motor Company of Michigan was incorporated in November of 1911 by Louis Chevrolet, William Little and Edwin Campbell, William Durant's son-in-law in Detroit. On September 13, 1915, Durant incorporated Chevrolet Motor Co. of Delaware. The new corporation included the original Chevrolet Motor Company and became a holding company for the auto companies Durant had put together after losing control of General Motors.