This 1932 DeSoto Model CSC, #6200294, Roadster is powered by a 75 Hp, 218 cubic inch,  L-head 6 cylinder engine mounted on newly patented rubber mounts known as “Floating Power”. It sits on a 112 inch wheelbase and came with a factory price of $775.
DeSoto built more cars during its first year than Pontiac or Graham-Paige. Its first model year set a first-year sales record of 81,065 cars, eclipsing the 1928 mark set by the Graham-Paige and the Pontiac in 1926. The record stood for nearly thirty years. 
The Custom SC came with chrome headlights, external trumpet horns, dual windshield wipers, safety glass, cigar lighter, adjustable seats, and fenders painted to match the body color.  Of the 24,496 DeSoto examples sold in 1932, only 894 were Standard or Custom SC Roadsters. The custom roadster model also included a rumble seat.

Walter P. Chrysler introduced the DeSoto in the summer of 1928. The car was named for the Spanish explorer Hernando DeSoto. The model name of DeSoto reinforced the Americana theme already found in Chrysler's other newly created brand, Plymouth.  Chrysler's announcement immediately attracted 500 dealers. By the time DeSoto production was in full swing at the end of 1928, there were 1,500 agencies selling the premier 1929 DeSoto Six.

1932 DeSoto CSC Roadster