The Ford V8 was offered in 14 body styles during 1932 with the two-door Tudor sedan selling the best. Sales totaled only 178,748 Model 18's due to the Depression. Of these sales, 8,996 were Model 18 Roadsters. Many of these vehicles, and more importantly their engines, were destroyed or heavily modified for racing purposes.



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This 1932 Model 18 Deluxe Roadster houses a 221 cubic inch,3.6-liter, V8 engine with a 3.06 inch bore and 3.75 inch stroke and producing 65 Hp at 3400 rpm.  Its 106-inch wheelbase was still short compared to the competition. So for 1933 a new cross member frame was installed under the car and the wheelbase was stretched to 112 inches. 

Facing the heavy competition encountered from Chevys highly popular 6 cylinder models introduced in 1929, the ”second" Ford Model B, an improvement of the "second" Model A, entered production for the 1932 model but stood little chance against the Chevys. Fortunately 1932 was also the year when Ford began producing a car with his new Flathead V8 engine.

The 1932 Model 18 Deluxe Roadster was introduced for $500. The Model 18 was engineered by Henry Ford and the body was designed by his son Edsel. An extremely handsome car, this vehicle is known as giving “V8 power to the masses for the first time.” 

1932 Ford Model 18 Roadster