This Model 8-35 was equipped with a 125 hp, 358 cubic inch straight-eight cylinder engine coupled to a four-speed manual transmission with a vacuum controlled clutch and a top speed of 90 mph. It featured "one shot" lubrication and thermostatically controlled radiator shutters. The wheelbase is a generous 135 inches, though a special custom version was available in 1932 on a whopping 152-inch wheelbase. The factory price was $2445.

The Royale debuted in 1931. However, the Depression effectively killed the company and Ransom Olds gave up control of his company in late 1934. REO announced in the summer of 1936 that it would no longer build cars but would instead concentrate exclusively on the commercial vehicle field. This displeased Olds as he never liked trucks. He severed ties with his second company and resigned the board chairmanship in January of 1937.
The REO tradition for quality manufacturing carried throughout the run of the Marque and REOs often featured the newest technological innovations. By the late 1920's, the quality of REO’s products was insuring them a profit. With the onset of the Depression, REO introduced a smaller, more economical model along with their higher priced autos. REO’s quest for quality continued and at the height of the Depression, with the company losing money, REO introduced its best REO to date: the Royale.

1932 REO Royale Model 8-35