This 1932 Willys-Knight Model 66D Sedan has a 6 cylinder side valve engine generating 87 Hp. The vehicle sits on a 113 inch wheel base and had a factory price of $1095.

In 1915 Willys moved the auto assembly of the Willys-Knight to Toledo, Ohio but continued manufacturing the engines in Elyria. Willys-Knight introduced a V-8 in 1917. Willys-Knight enjoyed a production run average of 50,000 cars per year after 1922. Willys also purchased Stearns-Knight of Cleveland, Ohio which also used a sleeve valve Knight Engine, making that marque the crown jewel in his growing automotive empire. Willys-Overland continued to enjoy success throughout the 1920's with the development of the 6-90, 6 cylinder engine. Walter Chrysler liked the engine so much he used its design as a basis for his first Chrysler. 

John North Willys purchased the Edwards Motor Car Company of Long Island, New York in 1913, then moving the operation to Elyria, Ohio. Here, Willys owned the plant that had previously manufactured the Garford automobile. Production began with a four-cylinder model which was priced in the $2,500 range. The Willys-Knight employed a Knight sleeve-valve engine.

1932 Willys-Knight Model 66D Sedan