Introduced in 1934, the Buick series 40 (special) was a revolutionary car for Buick and would continue to be a staple of the Buick line up for the decades. This 1938, 41 Series, 4-door, Trunk back Sedan, Model 40 was originally priced at $1,047. This Model 40 sits on a 118 inch wheel base and is powered by a 248 cubic inch, 3.8-liter, L8 with a 3.09 bore and 4.13 stroke rated at 107 Hp. It had a top speed of 80 mph. 79,510 examples of the Model 40 series 41 were produced in 1938.
The company continued to grow and become known as a producer of quality, reasonable priced cars. In 1929, Buick’s sliver anniversary saw the introduction of a whole new line of cars just in time for the Depression. Buick and GM managed to survive the economic downturn but by the middle of the 1930's, Buick styling and engineering had become "old fashioned".
Besides lending his name to the famous auto brand, David Dunbar Buick is best known for developing a process for affixing porcelain to cast iron thereby giving the world the white bathtub. Switching to the auto industry, Buick helped form the Buick Manufacturing Company in 1902. Reorganized as Buick Motor Company in 1903, Buick was still not profitable due to David Buick’s procrastination. The company was sold in 1904 to GM founder William Durant. 

1938 Buick Special Series 40 Sedan