This 1950 Buick Special, Series 40, Model 430 (D), 6 passenger Sedan is powered by a 280 cubic inch, eight cylinder, inline, overhead valve, cast iron block engine that developed 110 Hp at 3600 rpm. It features the "Deluxe" package and carried a factory price of $1952.
The most memorable change in the style was the “bucktooth” grill consisting of bumper guards. Unique to the late 49's was that the hood was opened through a ventiport key and slot system. 1950 models  had an inside hood release. The “D” model code identified the Special Deluxe model, which had a plush interior and a full-length bodyside molding, window outlines and a special script on the front fender.
Following 3 years of old pre-war styling, the 1950 Buick Special, Series 40, introduced as the late 1949 style, was the first Special with post-war styling. The Eight –Cylinder, inline, overhead valve, cast iron block engine’s 3 3/32 by 3 1/8 inch bore and stoke was introduced in the late 1949 models, which also introduced the first post war basic styling changes.

1950 Buick Special Series 40