The '59 Fairlane styling reached a high point with a redesign of the 57-58 styling. It featured noticeably squared up lines, bigger windshields, "gullwing" headlamp brows, and a "Flying V" back panel cradling large round taillamps. Styling was further enhanced in 1959 by the introduction of the Galaxie trim, which appeared mid-year in a pair of Fairlane 500 hardtops with rectangular, wide-quarter Thunderbird-style roof lines - a design theme that Ford would use for several years and would be widely copied by others. The Skyliner Hardtop Convertible was officially part of the Galaxie series, even though it still wore Fairlane 500 script badging. 
This 6 passenger 1959 Ford Galaxie Series Skyliner Convertible, #H9KW171970, is equipped with the 352 cubic inch V8 which produced 300 HP at 4600 rpm. The car sits on a ridiculously long wheelbase of 201 inches and was assembled at the Kansas City plant. In 1959, Ford produced 12,915 Skyliner Hardtop Convertibles. The factory price was $3346.
The Ford Fairlane was named for Henry Ford's Fair Lane mansion in Dearborn. Introduced in 1955 as the new top of the line full-size Ford, the new Ford Skyliner was touted in Ford's advertising as a "Mechanical Miracle - The World's only Hide-Away Hardtop". Ford Motor Company produced the retractable hardtop Skyliner from 1957 through 1959. It was the first retractable hardtop to be mass-produced. The steel roof retracted into the trunk with the push of a button. To accomplish this, Ford engineers used 7 reversible motors, 10 solenoids, 8 circuit breakers, 10 multifunction switches, and 610 feet of wiring! 

1959 Ford Skyliner Fairlane