This 1960 Imperial Custom, 6 passenger sedan sits on a 129 inch wheel base and is equipped with the new Chrysler 413 cubic inch engine. 2,335 examples of this PY1-L custom, 913 Series, 4-door sedan were produced in 1960. It had a factory base price of $5029.
Imperial is a word that suggests dominance, strength and majesty. It is used to describe items of special size or quality. Chrysler’s Imperial stood up to its name by eventually outselling Lincoln by 76 cars in 1957. After the tremendous success Imperial enjoyed in the late fifties, selling nearly 40,000 models in 1957, the decision was made in 1958 to move the division to the Warren Avenue plant in Dearborn. The move to the former home of the DeSoto was completed by 1959. Imperial took over the assembly plant as Chrysler hoped an independent line would result in better quality control.  
Imperial also marked 1959 by introducing the 413 cubic inch, Wedge Cast V8 iron block, which employed a 4.18-inch bore and 3.75-inch stroke. A Carter four-barrel carburetor accompanied the engine, resulting in an overall production of 350 HP. The same engine was also used in the 1960 Imperial. The 1960 model mirrored 1959’s style while incorporating a new grill and a wrap-over bright metal roof panel that extended to the windshield. The 1960 model also offered a new high-back driver seat for comfort, adjustable air, autopilot cruise control, and crown pattern nylon upholstery. 

1960 Chrysler Imperial Custom