This 1966, 2 door, Mustang Hard Top Coupe, warranty #6R07C188093, was built in the Ford automobile plant in San Jose, CA and came off the assembly line on the 21st of April. It has the "Challenger", V-8, OHV, cast iron block, 289 cubic inch, 235 HP, 4.7 liter, 4.00 inch bore and 2.87 inch stroke engine with a 2-barrel carburetor. The Coupe runs a maximum speed of 124.3 mph carrying a stock weight of 2,550 pounds. It sits on a 108 inch wheelbase and carried a factory price of $2416.
The Mustang was introduced at the New York World's Fair in April 1964. In the first week, over 20,000 cars were sold. By the end of the year, sales had soared to 263,434. Ford chose the name "Mustang" to reflect the P-51 fighter plane, nicknamed the "Mustang" in WWII.  The public associated the car’s name with the wild horse of the American West. Ford quickly changed to the image of a galloping horse as the symbol for the car. 
Demand for the popular car was so great that the Dearborn factory could not keep up. In July of 1964, production was started at Ford's San Jose, CA plant and soon after, the Falcon assembly line at Metuchen, NJ was switched to Mustang production, as well. Originally powered with a170 cubic inch, 101 Hp engine, the car was anemic. However, its spacious engine compartment allowed for a variety of engine options. In the 1965 model year, sales of the Mustang exceeded 500,000 units making it one of the most popular cars ever sold in the US.

1966 Ford Mustang Coupe