1968 was the year the name "Beetle" was given to the car. Volkswagen referred to the car as the "Type 1" until the 1968 model year. In Europe, it was marketed as the VW 1200/1300/1500 before adopting the "Beetle" name given to it by the public. German brochures used the name "Der Käfer" which means "The Beetle", on the front cover and inside for the first time in that year.

Originally favored by students and other economy conscious consumers, the "Bug" quickly garnered attention for its price, fuel economy, durability and quality of manufacturing. VW advertising even demonstrated the water integrity of the little bug in the event you tried to drive it back to Germany.    From 1968 to 2005, a pearl white 1963 fabric sunroof Beetle with racing number "53" and red, white, and blue stripes named "Herbie" played a starring role in “The Love Bug” series of Disney comedy films.
The popularity of these vehicles led to their place in history as the most produced car ever. The original Volkswagen ceased production when the Mexico plant stopped its production in the 1900's. Its reputation lives on in the new VW "Bugs". This 1968 2 door sedan has a streamlined body and a rear-mounted 4-cylinder, 53 hp, horizontally opposed air-cooled engine and had a factory price of $600.

1968 Volkswagen Beetle