The Fairlane 500 series was the intermediate trim level for 1969 with the Fairlane Torino as the top trim line for the Fairlane series. The Fairlane Torino GT was the sporty version of the Fairlane 500 and the Torino Cobra was introduced as the high performance, 335 Hp line in the series. Performance was the key word in the Fairlane lineup for 1969. This Fairlane 500 is equipped with a 302 cubic inch, V8, 2 barrel, Motorcraft carburetor which produces 220 Hp at 4600 rpm. It sits on a 116 inch wheelbase. It was produced in Lorain, OH, on July 20th and carried a factory price of $2924.
The Ford Fairlane was produced by the Ford motor company from 1955 through 1969. The original body design was the full sized Ford body which started out as a family vehicle and slowly evolved into many different available models and body styles. Ford Fairlanes and later Ford Torinos were mid-sized vehicles with some very powerful engines available as options. Variety was priority in the production of the Fairlane. The exterior paint and trim options were endless and with elaborate cloth woven seat covers choices and a rainbow of paint combinations, the Fairlane was nothing but a variety of options. 

1969 Ford Fairlane 500