This 6 passenger, 2-door, Hard Top Coupe, Series 6L Eldorado sports the 500 cubic inch, 400 Hp, V-8, 4.30 x 4.06 in. bore and stroke, overhead valve, cast iron block engine introduced in 1970. This vehicle, production number 439829, was manufactured at the GM plant in Detroit, Michigan and had an introductory price of $7,656 for the coupe and $7,873 for the convertible.
Mid-year price increases became popular in the early 1970's. By mid-year, the factory price for this Eldorado had risen to $9110, an increase of almost $1500, without options. The car’s production number indicates it was a late year model. That means the mid-year increase would have equaled approximately 10% of the average American family income for the year.
The 1974 General Motors Fleetwood Eldorado incorporated a new grille in the opposite design direction of other Cadillacs. The egg-crate look was cut out and a finer cross-hatched insert was used. A brushed aluminum top header bar with a Cadillac signature engraved on the left side provided a neoclassical appearance. Eldorados were available as a hard-top coupe or convertible. More luxurious interiors and enhanced designs were added and leather seats made standard. Sales were down for Cadillac in 1974 due to the Oil Embargo but, Cadillac maintained a low production level and was able to take a larger than average market share, so profitability was good.

1974 Cadillac Fleetwood Eldorado